The Almost Christian Discovered - Hardcover (Mead)

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Are you one who believes that if you just repeat the words of a prayer, then you are saved? Do you think that all people who say they are Christians really are? For hundreds of years, this book by Matthew Mead has provided a safe guide to those who are concerned for their eternal salvation. It can be a safe guide to you as well.

Endorsement  "Few books stand the test of time. Most books found in Christian bookstores have little spiritual value at best and so have no enduring value. The Almost Christian Discovered has not onl withstood the test of time, it is, I believe, vastly preached in 1661. This classic work has endured for over 350 years because men have found it to be a true touchstone by which they can measure their own hearts and lives by what the word of God teaches about true and false faith. In our own shallow day some books may be immediately opoular, but their popularity passes away when the next fad appears on the scene." - William C. Nichols