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Teaching James

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Christian Focus

The letter of James is a much loved epistle in the New Testament. People warm to its seemingly practical nature as it instructs us in the nuts and bolts of the Christian life. However, it is not an easy letter to preach and teach. People struggle to see how the letter fits together and are confused about its overall theme and purpose. This is where Teaching James will prove to be of great assistance. Mervyn Eloff will guide you through the intricate detail of the letter whilst never losing sight of the overall theme and purpose of this dynamic Bible book. A book that is as potent and challenging today as it was when the dispersed Christians read it in the First Century.



Mervyn Eloff is Rector of St James Church, Kenilworth, in Cape Town, South Africa. Prior to joining the team at St James, Mervyn served as Vice–Principal of George Whitefield College in South Africa (REACH SA). Mervyn also serves as Associate Director (Africa) for the Charles Simeon Trust. He is married to Alison and they have two adult daughters



"Reading through Teaching James has proved to be both challenging and encouraging.  I’ve been convicted to address the all too familiar inconsistencies in my own life as well as stirred to convey these deeply applicable truths of James to others. May God use this book to give that same momentum to your Christian life and teaching."

Glenn Lyons, Presiding Bishop of REACH–South Africa

"Eloff’s careful and nuanced work in the text of James makes this an invaluable volume for anyone seeking to preach or teach from this rich letter. Especially useful are the section on the melodic line of the letter and clarity of the theme statements throughout. This is probably the best thing I’ve read on James."

Robert Kinney , Director of Ministries, Simeon Trust

"Here is a clear, transparent and thorough analysis for preachers – or anyone who wants to work through this Bible book. Years of experience and thoughtful evaluations are distilled into this great resource for anyone preparing to teach through James."

Nat Schluter, Principal, Johannesburg Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa