“Stonewall” Jackson’s Wife and Daughter: Mary Anna Jackson and Julia Jackson Christian (Rumburg)

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Biblical and Southern Studies

This is the first full length biography of Anna Jackson the wife of the famous General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson and his daughter Julia. Anna was Jackson’s second wife. Julia was the only child of Jackson’s to reach adulthood.  Anna lived over fifty years after the death of her husband. She was the author of a book on the Life and Letters of “Stonewall” Jackson which gives the greatest domestic insight into his life.

Table of Contents:

Section I: Anna Before the War

Section II: Anna and Julia During the War

Section III: Anna and Julia After the War


"A scholar of the Civil War era, Rumburg has done all interested in that time period a great service by providing this biographical study of both Jackson's pious wife and daughter. One of the world's foremost authorities on Stonewall Jackson, Rumburg has written numerous articles and books on the life of the famed general. It is Dr. Rumburg's earnest prayer that the young ladies of this generation would rise to the shining example of the virtuous women, set by Mrs. Jackson and her daughter Julia." - John Huffman