'Stonewall' Jackson's Chaplain: Beverly Tucker Lacy (Rumberg)

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Biblical and Southern Studies

This is the first full-length biography of Beverly Tucker Lacy, the chaplain to "Stonewall" Jackson and the Second Corps or Stonewall Brigade. Lacy was an ordained minister of the Old School Presbyterian Church. He was a trustee of Washington College. Lacy was a son and grandson of Presbyterian ministers.

Table of Contents:

Part I – Early Life

1. The Surname ‘Lacy’

2. The Place of Birth

3. The Parentage

4. The Birth

Part II – Formal Education

5. Washington College

6. Princeton Theological Seminary

Part III – The Divine Calling

7. Gospel Ministry

8. Antebellum Pastorates

9. War

Part IV – The Confederate Chaplaincy

10. Precursor to the Chaplaincy

11. Entrance into the Chaplaincy

12. Formation of the Chaplains Association

13. Ministry as a Chaplain

14. The Chaplain’s Ministry to Little Miss Julia Jackson

15. Conducting the Last Worship Service for Gen. & Mrs. T.J. Jackson

16. The Chaplain Becomes a Military Guide

17. The Final Ministry for Gen. & Mrs. T.J. Jackson

18. Chaplaincy under Gen. Richard Ewell

19. Chaplaincy Under Gen. Jubal Early

Part V – Serving God After the War

20. Back to the Pastorate

21. Becoming an Invalid 



“Dr. Rumburg presents Chaplain Lacy as he truly was – detailing faults and strengths. His book takes us into another era, when reverence for God and His Word prevailed. The soul is refreshed, as example follows example of the Lord’s faithfulness to His promises and His ultimate triumph through those who follow Him. The Lord of the harvest prepared Chaplain Lacy for his life’s work, sustained him in his labors, and used him to the eternal blessing of thousands. After the war, Christ’s servant continued to face challenges, but the Captain of his salvation preserved him in every trial and granted a victorious entrance into His presence. Dr. Rumburg’s biography provides a thorough record of the Lord’s care for one who lived to ‘glorify God and to enjoy Him forever’. – Mark W. Evans