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Standing for God: The Story of Elijah (Ellsworth)

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ELIJAH, whom Roger Ellsworth calls ‘the man without a resume’, appears and disappears in dramatic fashion on the stage of human history. Called to serve God in an age of widespread moral and spiritual deterioration and confusion, he reached great heights of boldness and faith, but also sounded the depths of discouragement and depression. The life of Elijah is a call to find our strength in the God who takes the weak things of this world to confound the things that are mighty.

Roger Ellsworth’s exposition of the life and work of Elijah carries a message of great relevance for all who are seriously concerned about the contemporary world scene.


Table of Contents: 

1 Standing for God in Apostate Times 1
2 An Age of Contempt for God’s Word 9
3 The Appearance of Elijah 17
4 Elijah Goes to Cherith and Zarephath 25
5 Elijah at the Widow’s House 33
6 When God Seems to Fail 41
7 The Second Meeting of Elijah and Ahab 49
8 What Is Causing the Trouble? 57
9 Who Has the Answers? 65
10 Steps to Revival 73
11 The Fire of Judgment and the Flood of Blessing 83
12 The Stress of the Struggle 91
13 The Stillness in the Struggle 99
14 The Call of God 107
15 When the Government and the Godly Collide 115
16 Sin Does Not Pay 123
17 ‘Phoney Repentance’, Abundant Mercy 131
18 The Word of God Challenged and Confirmed 137
19 The Cause of God Then and Now 147



ROGER ELLSWORTH is currently the pastor of Parkview Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee. Roger Ellsworth has served as pastor of churches in Illinois, Kansas and Missouri. He is currently living in Jackson, TN, and is serving as Pastor of Parkview Baptist Church. Ellsworth is the author of 47 books.