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Spurgeon: A Biography (Dallimore)

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Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) is a name with which every Christian should be familiar. His ministry reached far beyond his London congregation. Not a man to water down his message to attract hearers, his doctrinally rich sermons – as preached and published – provide the meat of biblical Christianity to rich and poor alike.

Spurgeon’s was a life of purpose. He was a man of prayer, but also of intense and varied activity – a man who had a keen social concern, as well as a desire to see churches planted and young men trained for the gospel ministry.

He was humble and warm-spirited, a man who even in times of suffering pointed people to Jesus Christ. His resolute stand for the authority of the Bible in an age of compromise makes him an example for today’s church.

Arnold Dallimore’s concise and sympathetic biography will be an excellent introduction for those who know little or perhaps nothign of Spurgeon, and will also stir the interest of all who value the lessons of a unique and faithful ministry.


Table of Contents:

Conditions in England During Spurgeon’s Time

The Preparation of The Man, 1834-1854

1. The Boy and the Books

2. Through Terrible Conviction to Glorious Conversion

3. Joyful First Efforts in Serving the Lord

4. The Boy Preach of Waterbeach

The First Year in London, 1855-1864

5. ‘A Great Door and Effectual is Opened’

6. Spurgeon’s Marriage – This One Truly Made in Heaven

7. Conflict

8. Revival in London

The Long Period of Mature Ministry, 1861-1886

9. The Metropolitan Tabernacle

10. Training Young Preacher

11. The Growth of the Spurgeonic Enterprises

12. Almshouses and Orphanage

13. Sunshine and Shadow

14. Mrs. Spurgeon and Her Work

15. Daily Life in the Great Church

16. Ten Years of Mighty Ministry

17. Personal Characteristics

18. Spurgeon as an Author

The Final Years, 1887-1892

19. Earnestly Contending for the Faith

20. Last Labours

21. ‘With Christ, Which Is Far Better’

Appendix: Subsequent History of the Metropolitan Tabernacle 



Arnold A. Dallimore was a Baptist pastor for thirty-eight years and a successful biographer of Christian leaders.