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Something Worth Living For (Greenwald)

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Lengthy, heavy, theological tomes have their place, but sometimes we need a simple way of understanding the doctrine that is central to our faith. The Westminster Shorter Catechism is designed to do just that. Randall Greenwald takes the question and answer format that it follows and, in short chapters, encourages us to dig for the gold that is to be found in its pages. Read, and be enriched.



Randall Greenwald pastors Covenant Presbyterian Church in Oviedo, Florida, and is a guest lecturer at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. A graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary, he previously wrote the family worship guide ‘As for My House’. He and his wife Barb have six children and many grandchildren.


"Randy Greenwald’s Something Worth Living For is the help we need to point us back to the ancient paths. This important work will strengthen God’s people toward a beautiful orthodoxy that our confused world so desperately needs to see."

Ray Cortese, Senior Pastor, Seven River Presbyterian Church, LeCanto, Florida

"… explains the enduring truths of the Christian Faith in accessible and interesting language that neither talks down to the reader nor fails to connect with practical concerns we all have. Highly recommended."

Craig Carter, Professor of Theology, Tyndale University, Toronto, Ontario

"Do we really need another book on the Westminster Shorter Catechism? It might be tempting to say we don’t, since this classic summary of Bible doctrine already has countless summaries and explanations of it in circulation. But both the title and the table of contents of this particular volume immediately captured my imagination. Here is a fresh and thoughtfully applied exploration of the great truths that were first summarised for a distant generation, revisited for today.:"

Mark Johnston, Minister, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff, Wales

"As a professional writer and editor, I’ve been consistently impressed by the quality of Randy’s writing; I’m also struck by his deep theological knowledge, and how it’s paired with genuine pastoral concern for those around him. This is a project that requires writing chops, theological acumen and a pastor’s heart. Randy’s got them all."

Nathaniel Espino, Founding Partner of the Warsaw–based PR agency Aldgate Strategy Group

"Catechisms are an ancient and time–tested method that Christians have employed to pass on the core of what they believe about God and what He requires believers to do. Through a simple question–and–answer approach, young and old have been taught biblical truth about our great God and His ways. Randall Greenwald’s new discussion of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, one of the most treasured of these catechisms, is indeed a welcome tool for exploring the riches of this particular catechism and, even better, for growing in the grace of the Lord Jesus."

Michael A. G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

"... brings the deep, rich, biblical and reformed theology of the 17th century Westminster Shorter Catechism to life in the 21st century in a way that is warm, inviting, accessible, conversational and centered in Christ and the gospel of saving and transforming grace."

Mark L. Dalbey, President, Covenant Theological Seminary, Creve Coeur, Missouri

"Randy has a great gift for finding illustrations, real parallels between the deep things of redemption and our present experience. This is the kind of teaching that will move modern people to study the Catechism, and the Scriptures, for themselves."

John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

"This book is a needed addition to family and church libraries, to every pastor’s study, and to seminary curricula. I will use it as a help in my personal devotions as well as in my teaching ministry. I recommend it highly!"

Michael E. Osborne, Dean of Students, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando and Author of ‘Surviving Ministry: How to Weather the Storms of Church Leadership’

"Finally a book of theology and the Reformed faith that won’t bore the reader to death. This is a book that will be such an incredible tool for small study groups, leadership training and laypeople who are often looking for an understandable and useful guide to the Christian faith."

Steve Brown, Founder of Key Life Network and Bible teacher on the national radio program ‘Key Life’

"The Shorter Catechism is one of those ‘treasures in the attic,’ as the late Dr. Hughes Old called them, that in more recent years have been re-discovered, brought down into the living room, dusted off, and re-utilized. It is a classic tool for parents who wish to transmit the content and reality of their faith to their children. Part of the dusting off process includes fresh expositions addressed to the living situation of the present generation. Randall Greenwald has done the church the favor of providing that fresh exposition. It will prove to be an effective aid to parents and Sunday school teachers who wish to communicate the gospel to the young people of today."

Terry L. Johnson, Senior Pastor, Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah, Georgia

"How refreshing to find this pastoral entryway to Christianity that uses the Westminster Shorter Catechism to help the interested perceive something more of the breadth and length and height and depth of the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. I commend this book to all searching for something worth living for."

Michael Allen, John Dyer Trimble Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida

"… Greenwald helps us read our Bibles better, showing us the landmarks, highways, and terrain so that we can better cruise and delight in the backroad passages of Scripture."

Aimee Byrd, Author of ‘Housewife Theologian’, ‘Theological Fitness’, and ‘No Little Women’