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Sin, the Law, and the Glory of the Gospel (Bellamy)

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Sin, the Law, and the Glory of the Gospel contains three works by Joseph Bellamy:

  • The Great Evil of Sin as Committed Against God
  • The Law Our School Master, and The Nature
  • The Glory of the Gospel

This book puts the law and the gospel and their relationship to one another in clear perspective, a perspective that is rarely understood today.



Joseph Bellamy was born in 1719. He was admitted to Yale College at an early age and graduated in 1735. From there he came under the tutelage of Jonathan Edwards, minister of the Northampton Church. Bellamy began to supply the pulpit of a new church in Bethlehem, Connecticut and was later called by the church as its pastor and ordained and installed on April 2, 1740. He became one of the leading figures in The Great Awakening and during the two years beginning in March of 1741 preached 458 times in 213 places outside his own parish. Great crowds came to hear him preach and many were savingly converted through his ministry.