Setting Our Sights On Heaven: Why It's Hard and Why It's Worth It (Wolfe)

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Think about heaven much?

'Set your minds on things that are above.'  So urged the Apostle Paul.  Christians ought to think about heaven as those who long for it and who are destined for it.

So why don't we? 

Why do we struggle to set our sights on the world to come?
Could it be...we doubt we'll get there?
Coudl it be...we suspect that heaven will be dull?
Could it be...we're obsessed with the past, and can't face the future?
Coudl it be...we haven't come to grips with the shortness of earthly life?

In Setting Our Sights on Heaven, Paul Wolfe brings out the Bible's teaching about heaven, addressing the various factors that tend to push heaven out of our minds and the gospel remedies that help us push it back to where it belongs. 

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The World to Come – The Bible’s teaching about heaven and heavenly-mindedness

1. From Beginning to End – Heaven’s past, present and future

2. Show Me the Way To Go Home – How we get to heaven, and how heaven gets to earth

3. Set Your Minds – What heavenly-mindedness entails

4. Down to Earth – The difference heavenly-mindedness makes now

Part 2: The Cure for What Ails Us – Why we struggle to be heavenly-minded, and what to do about it

5. Mourning into Dancing – Dispensing with doubts about our destiny

6. Face Forward – Breaking free from obsession with the past

7. Harps and Clouds – Clearing away confusion about what heaven will be like

8. This Vanishing Vapor – Living on light of the shortness of life

9. Get Wisdom – Answering the question, ‘What is God’s will for my life?’

10. Love Your Loved Ones – Living so as to prepare others for our dying

11. If It’s Sunday, It Must Be Heaven – Grasping the heavenliness of the church’s Sabbath assembly

12. The Whole Counsel of God – Coming to grips with the Bible’s teaching about hell

13. Wayfaring Strangers – Nurturing a pilgrim mindset



"Wolfe is two for two. He is not a one-book wonder. He tackles the question of heaven in a down-to-earth fashion that steers clear of the sentimentalism and vague theology so often associated with the subject. This book helps me not only to fulfil my pastoral duty in preparing my people for death but, more importantly, to prepare myself. I am more interested in going to heaven now having read this book!" — ALISTAIR BEGG