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Sermons and Tracts, 6 Vols. (Gill)

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Old Paths Gospel Press

VOL 1 - Contains a summary of the life and writings of Dr. Gill. Subjects include: Dissertation concerning the Rise and Progress of Popery; The Watchman's Answer to the Question, What of The Night?; Practical Improvement of the Watchman's Answer; The Glory of the Church in the Latter Days; Faith in God and His Word, the Establishment and Prosperity of His People; The Sure Performance of Prophecy; The Glorious State of the Saints in Heaven; Agreement of the Old and New Testaments; Levi's Urim and Thummin found with Christ; Christ a Priest After the Order of Melchizedek.

VOL 2 - Subjects include: The Fulness of the Mediator; Christ the Saviour from the Tempest; The Law Established by the Gospel; The Doctrine of Grace Cleared from the Charge of Licentiousness; Neglect of Fervent Prayer Complained of; Attendance in Places of Religious Worship where the Divine Name is Recorded, encouraged; The Law in the Hand of Christ; The Doctrine of the Wheels in the Visions of Ezekiel Opened and Explained; The Necessity of Christ's Making Satisfaction for Sin, proved and confirmed; the Quiet and Easy Passage of Christ's Purchased People through Death to Glory.

VOL 3 - Contains the former edition of the posthumous sermons.Topics include: David a Type of Christ; The Words of David, of Jehovah Father, Son and Spirit; Characters of a Ruler Over Men found with Christ;Christ in Human Nature and Discoveries of Himself to His People; Stability of the Covenant of Grace the Support of a Believer Under Outward and Inward Troubles; Character and End of the Wicked; Jehovah's Prerogative to put away the sins of His People; the Plague of a Man's Own Heart; Manifestation of Christ as a Saviour a cause of great joy; The Presence of God.

VOL 4 - Thirteen posthumous sermons include: Jehovah's Declaration, Behold the Man is Become as One of Us; The Love of God; The Meat-Offering typical both of Christ and of His People; The Table and Shew-bread typical;The Wave-Sheaf;Solomon's Temple a figure of the Church, the two pillars Jachin and Boaz typical of Christ; The Elect of God, Chosen Vessels of Salvation Filled with the Oil of Grace; Knowledge of Christ and Interest in Him the Support of a Believer in Life and in Death; The Dejected Believer's Soliloquy; the Doctrine of Justification; Discourse on Prayer.

VOL 5 - Treatises include: The Doctrine of God's Everlasting Love to His Elect and their eternal Union with Christ together with some other truths stated and defended; The Doctrine of the Saint's Final Perseverance asserted and vindicated; The Doctrine of Predestination stated and set in the Scripture Light, in Opposition to Mr. Wesley's Predestination Calmly Considered; The Prophecies of the Old Testament respecting the Messiah considered and proved to be literally fulfilled in Jesus.

VOL 6 - Subjects include: The Doctrine of the Resurrection stated and defended (two sermons); Truth Defended--Some Doctrines in the Supralapsarian Scheme impartially examined; The Moral Nature and Fitness of Things considered; The Necessity of Good Works Unto Salvation considered; A Dissertation Concerning the Eternal Sonship of Christ shewing by whom it has been denied and opposed, and by whom asserted and defended in all ages of Christianity; A Declaration of the Faith and Practice of the Church of Christ under the pastoral care of Dr. Gill; and Dying Thoughts.