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Selected Shorter Writings of J. Gresham Machen (Machen)

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Forty-six of Machen’s shorter writings are organized into ten categories. Selections made by Machen’s biographer, who contributes an introduction, a bibliography and “For Further Reading.” 


Table of Contents: 

Part One: Christ and the Witness of Scripture 

1. What the Bible Teaches about Jesus 

2. The Witness of Paul 

3. The Witness of the Gospels 

4. The Virgin Birth of Christ 

5. The Resurrection of Christ

Part Two: Christianity and Modern Substitutes 

6. What Is Christianity? 

7. History and Faith 

8. Does Fundamentalism Obstruct Social Progress 

9. What Fundamentalism Stands for Now 

10. What Is the Gospel? 

Part Three: The Task of Christian Scholarship 

11. Christian Scholarship and Evangelism 

12. Christian Scholarship and the Defense of the Faith

13. Christian Scholarship and the Building Up of the Church 

14. The Necessity of the Christian School 

15. Forty Years of New Testament Research 

Part Four: Theological Education 

16. Westminster Theological Seminary: Its Purpose and Plan 

17. Facing the Facts before God 

18. Consolations in the Midst of Battle 

19. Servants of God or Servants of Men 

20. The Minister and His Greek Testament

Part Five: The Nature and Mission of the Church 

21. The Parting of the Ways 

22. The Mission of the Church 

23. The Christian View of Missions 

24. The Truth about the Presbyterian Church

25. Is There a Future for Calvinism in the Presbyterian Church? 

26. The New Presbyterian Hymnal

Part Six: The Presbyterian Controversy 

27. Statement to the Special Commission of 1925 

28. Statement to the Committee to Investigate Princeton 

29. The Attack upon Princeton Seminary: A Plea for Fair Play

30. Statement to the Presbytery of New Brunswick 

Part Seven: Church and Society 

31. Christianity and Liberty 

32. The Responsibility of the Church in Our New Age 

33. The Church in the War 

34. Voices in the Church 

35. Statement on the Eighteenth Amendment 

Part Eight: Christianity and Culture 

36. Christianity and Culture

37. Relations between Jews and Christians 

38. The Christian and Human Relationships

39. Mountains and Why We Love Them 

40. The Benefits of Walking 

Part Nine: Reviews 

41. Review of Speer’s Some Living Issues 

42. Review of Fosdick’s Modern Use of the Bible

43. Review of McGiffert’s God of the Early Christians 

44. Review of Mullins’s Christianity at the Cross Roads 

45. Karl Barth and ‘The Theology of Crisis’

Part Ten: Autobiographical 

46. Christianity in Conflict 



J. Gresham Machen (1881-1937) was professor of New Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1936 Machen was instrumental with others in founding what became the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and was its first Moderator.



“A long-overdue anthology. Hart has provided a great service to the church by editing these biblical and confessional arguments for the church and its witness in the modern world.” - John R. Muether (Historian, Orthodox Presbyterian Church)