Saved by Grace (Bunyan)

Old Paths Gospel Press

"In this little book thou art presented with a discourse of the grace of God, and of salvation by that grace, in which discourse thou shalt find how each person in the Godhead doth his part in salvation of the sinner. If thou findest me short in these things, impute that to my love of brevity; if thou findest me beside the truth in aught, impute that to mine infirmity. But if thou findest any thing here that serveth to thy furtherance and joy of faith, impute that to the mercy of God bestowed on thee and me." - John Bunyan 



John Bunyan (1628-1688) was born the son of a metalworker near Bedford, England. He went on to become a famous preacher and writer and during his life penned over 2 million words, his most famous work being ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’.