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Salvation, the Bible, and Roman Catholicism (Webster)

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Why are there Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches? Is there any reason why a disagreement about doctrine which took place almost 500 years ago should continue to divide people today? Is it not the case that Roman Catholics and Protestants believe basically the same things?

In Salvation, The Bible, and Roman Catholicism William Webster explores the answers to these and other questions. In doing so he appeals both to authoritative Roman Catholic documents and to the Bible.

William Webster brings a special qualification to his study – although now a Protestant, he was educated as a Roman Catholic.


Table of Contents: 

Part 1: Roman Catholicism and the Gospel 

1. Tradition and the Word of God 

2. The Mass 

3. The Priesthood 

4. Confession and Penance 

5. The Eucharist 

6. Baptism 

7. Roman Catholicism, the Judaisers, and the Book of Galatians

Part 2: The Way of Salvation 

8. Man’s Problem Defined 

9. The Work of Jesus Christ 

10. Repentance and Faith 

11. The Results of Salvation 


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