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Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet - Welwyn Commentary Series (Currid)

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Evangelical Press
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The book of Ruth has been called an ancient 'biblical Cinderella story' in which Ruth finds her prince: a rags-to-riches fairy tale. It is a wonderful short story. Many people throughout the ages have been touched by the sweetness and kindness so evident in the episode. Yet, as Peter Barnes observes, though the author does not push too much Boaz as a type of Christ, there is much of Christ in the commentary. 

John Currid looks at key themes within the book: the cost of obedience, the sovereignty of God, faithful living and redemption. The background is laid out - in the time of the Judges - as a time of degeneracy in the history of Israel. The focus then moves to one family within Israel, their move to Moab, the sadnesses there, the return home and God's wonderful working to turn bitterness into joy. The author uses his great knowledge of Hebrew to enhance the reader's understanding of the book.


Table of Contents:

Part 1: Setting the scene (1:1-5)

1. The setting of suffering (1:1-5)

Part 2: Naomi and her Moabite daughters-in-law (1:6-22)

2. Graciousness in the midst of suffering (1:6-9)

3. Orpah and Ruth respond (1:10-14)

4. Ruth’s confession (1:15-18)

5. Homecoming (1:19-22)

Part 3: In the fields of Bethlehem (2:1-23)

6. Ruth gleans in the fields (2:1-7)

7. Conversations between Ruth and Boaz (2:8-17)

8. Ruth reports to Naomi (2:18-23)

Part 4: The scene at the threshing floor (3:1-18)

9. Naomi’s plan (3:1-6)

10. At the threshing floor (3:7-13)

11. Back to Bethlehem (3:14-18)

Part 5: Redemption (4:1-22)

12. The courtroom scene (4:1-12)

13. The descendant (4:13-22)



John Currid is Carl McMurray Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, North Carolina.



"John Currid fills a long-standing gap in the Welwyn series for a stand-alone treatment of Ruth and presents us with a book that bridges the three thousand years since Ruth's day and drives home for modern readers its message of redemption in the promised Messiah...This is a clear, sound and Christ-centered commentary for all ages, whether for personal or group study." - Godron J. Keddie

"This is an ideal companion for anyone wishing to work through the book of Ruth. The leading motifs are well captured, and there are a host of very suitable illustrations from history. It is a simple and lucid presentation which will satisfy a wide leadership. Dr. Currid is loath to push too hard the issue of Boaz as a type of Christ, but there is much of Christ in this commentary. Ruth is the Cinderella story that happened, and Dr. Currid is a master storyteller who is also an historian and a theologian. This will charm, instruct, and inspire all who use it to help them better grasp the Word of God." - Peter Barnes, Pastor of Revesby Presbyterian Church, Sydney, Australia.