Riches Increased by Giving (Gouge)

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Riches Increased by Giving; or, The Right Use of Mamon: Being the Surest and Safest Way of Thriving

A practical work on charitable giving


In presenting a new edition of this little volume to the Christian Public, the Publisher feels assured he need not offer any apology: the Christian duty so highly recommended by the holy and talented Author, is so clearly pointed out by the Divine teaching, as well as so forcibly and beautifully portrayed in the life of the Redeemer of the word, as to recommend it to our consideration, and to emulate every feeling heart "to go, and do likewise". The Divine Being has presented to all in the present day, as extensive field for benevolence, and it is the privilege of such who have wealth to cast in the seed, which, according to the declaration of Holy Writ, and ably shewn by the reasoning of Mr. Gouge, will yield an abundance of fruit. 


Endorsements from Contemporaries

"There is no more certain truth than what is here proposed; namely, that abounding in works of Charity is 'the best and safest way of thriving' in this world. Divine Providence hath cast the discovery and fence of this great and useful truth upon a person eminently suited unto the work he is called unto." - John Owen

"Thou hast here put into thy hands an exhortation to liberality, a duty so lovely and God-like that without other arguments it bespeaks its own respect" - Thomas Manton

"The Author of this book does not here solicit you to charity for nothing, nor for himself, but upon high and honorable designs; yea upon the high design of your own salvation" - Richard Baxter