Rewriting Gender?: You, Your Family, Transgenderism and the Gospel (Martin) (NS-CL)

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The world today claims that your identity is entirely defined by you. As parents raising children in this world, how do we teach children the gospel and explain how it impacts gender identity? This book of letters written to the author’s children follows the overarching story line of the Bible, making it clear that transgenderism is a symptom of a far deeper problem that only Jesus can heal. Written with biblical clarity, sensitivity, and an awareness that people affected by these issues are people who need Jesus, just like everyone else, this book will help parents who are looking for guidance on how to explain gender issues to their children.



David Martin and his wife Honor live in Dublin with their four children. He is director of Irish Church Missions (ICM), an Anglican Church planting mission agency, and along with ICM church families is exploring new church plants in the greater Dublin area.



David Martin has written a book, comprised of letters to his four little children, that takes an emotionally fraught and politically explosive subject and transforms it  into a lesson filled with love and hope […] While I take issue with David’s conclusion, I do not with his process.  The writing is exquisite, the sentiments are beautiful and I believe it is a wonderful guide for ALL parents in how to speak to little ones clearly, simply and with love, regardless of religious or non–religious belief.

- Kris McDaniel–Miccio, Professor of Law & Fulbright Scholar, University of Denver Sturm College of Law


David Martin has written a very gracious book about an extremely sensitive topic. The issue of transgenderism is one that is at the forefront of modern culture. It’s certainly not a topic that we can just sweep under the rug and avoid, especially with our children. Parents, we need this book. Get it, read it, and then consider how to apply it to your conversations with your children. 

- Dave Furman, Senior Pastor, Redeemer Church of Dubai, Dubai and Author of 'Being There' and 'Kiss the Wave'


David Martin has provided parents with a pastoral resource to equip children on a controversial and challenging topic in age–appropriate ways. Parents can no longer sit out the transgender debate, and David’s book is a useful tool to help parents bring the truths of God’s Word to bear on a broken world.

- Andrew T. Walker, Director of Policy Studies, The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission & Author, God and the Transgender Debate


This is no manual from a detached observer but a plea from the heart of someone seriously concerned for the well–being of his own family and for the glory of God.

- Andy Lines, Missionary Bishop for Europe, Anglican Church in North America


In a very timely book David Martin provides some excellent ways to talk to our children about this confusing issue. David’s approach is kind, caring and sensitive in manner. I recommend this book to you.

- Andrea Minichiello Williams, Chief Executive, Christian Concern


Here in London one of the schools we were thinking of sending our sons to has just approved a transgender uniform policy.  My wife and I find ourselves ever more desperate to try and equip our children to navigate such a world and we’re so grateful to David Martin for this clearly Biblical and deeply practical response to a cultural wave all my family find profoundly confusing.

- Rico Tice, Author, Christianity Explored & Associate Minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London


… simple but never simplistic, honest but never harsh, biblical but never complicated. This book will certainly help parents to speak well with their children. But it also teaches all of us how to consider and then relate wisely and compassionately toward those who struggle with their gender.

- Dr. Andrew Collins, Biblical Counsellor