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Rescue and Redeem - Volume 5: Chronicles of the Modern Church (Withrow)

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This is the fifth volume in the History Lives series. 

Experience history without the wooliness, and with all the wonder in this history designed for . As the world exploded into modernity with rapid changes - in transportation, in communication, in manufacturing - people around the globe faced overwhelming new challenges. As Christians arrived for the first time in other countries, they realized that being a Christian was about living out the gospel in every culture, and that injustice is everywhere. Extra features throughout this book look deeper into issues such as modern Bible translation, living the Golden Rule, new developments in missions, and big moments in modern Christianity.


Table of Contents:

Modern Church Timeline

  1. What is the Modern Church?
  2. Niijima Jo: No more my parents’, but my God’s
  3. Missions in a Modern World
  4. Hudson and Maria Taylor: To China’s perishing millions
  5. Dwight Moody and Ira Sankey: What will you do with Christ?
  6. Robert Thomas, John Ross and Samuel Moffett: Jesus, Jesus
  7. Living the Golden Rule
  8. Pandita Ramabai: Miseries into sweetness
  9. Princess Ka’iulani: Hawai’i’s hope
  10. The Bible in New Words
  11. Marianna Slocum: Plant the good seed in your heart
  12. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Costly grace
  13. Big Moments in Modern Christianity
  14. C.S. Lewis: All worlds end except Aslan’s own country
  15. Janani Luwum: God’s hand is in this
  16. Other Modern Christians
  17. The Future Lives

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"There is nothing new under the sun - that is definitely true with church history. Many of the same issues and problems face us today that faced the medieval church. So not only does this book give a good, fast-paced narrative through early christian history - it also highlights some of the mistakes and problems that have raised their heads again today." - Catherine MacKenzie, Author and CF4K Editor