Remembered Mercies Recorded: The Life of George Rose (Rose)

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Mr. George Rose was a highly esteemed and faithful minister of the Gospel, who held pastorates at Cranbrook in Kent, Croydon in Surrey and Nateby in Lancashire. His very interesting autobiography was first published in 1952 when he was 79, but many readers since his death have wondered about his last years. This book is a reprint of his autobiography, together with an additional chapter giving a continuation of his life, kindly written by Mr. Graham Chewter. A selection of sermons and addresses by Mr. Rose has also been added.

Mr. Rose had the seemingly incompatible characteristics of a person faithful, yet kindly disposed to other, gifted in speaking yet of a nervous, retiring disposition. “To meet him was to realize that here was a very gracious man as well as an able minister. The thing that stood out in his life was his spiritual-mindedness. Whatever the conversation, whether with friends or strangers, he would bring it round to eternal matters.” 


Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction and Early Days
  2. Called by Grace and led Into the Truth
  3. Changes
  4. Baptism
  5. Call to the Ministry
  6. Itinerating
  7. Cranbrook
  8. The Croydon Pastorate
  9. The Kirkland Pastorate
  10. Faithful unto Death

Funeral Address

A Selection of Sermons and Addresses