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Reformed Worship: Worship That is According to Scripture Revised and Expanded (Johnson)

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Evangelical Press

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Reformed Worship follows the release earlier this year of the same author s Worshipping with Calvin. This is a much shorter and more accessible presentation of the subject: Terry Johnson shows clearly that there are good biblical and historical reasons why the worship of the Reformed church needs to be shaped in a particular way.
For John Calvin, it was the issue of worship that necessitated the Reformation. Terry Johnson concurs, and in this book he applies biblical principles to reform contemporary worship. He has written several excellent books and articles on worship already, outlining important principles many have forgotten or ignored. In this present volume, Johnson argues a cogent and biblical case for worship according to the historic understanding of the regulative principle. His treatment of John Frame s contributions in the area of worship is important reading for those encouraged by contemporary style worship. This book is essential and timely reading. --The Reverend Dr. Derek W. H. Thomas Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at RTS Atlanta and is Editorial Director, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals