Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 9, No. 2 - July 2017

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Table of Contents:

Biblical Studies

  • Job, Suffering, and the Gospel - Daniel C. Timmer
  • A Paradigm of Confession: An analysis of Psalm 51:1-9 - Michael P.V. Barrett
  • The Beginning and the Sabbath: Indicators for the Perpetuity of the Sabbath - Kyle Hauck
  • Obedience of Faith in Romans 1:5 - Sherif A. Fahim

Systematic and Historical Theology

  • Natural Theology: Some Historical Perspective - Joel R. Beeke & Paul M. Smalley
  • John Calvin and Text Criticism - Jeffrey T. Riddle
  • God the Son in the Theology of William Perkins - Andrew C. Ballitch
  • Learning to Do Biblical Exegesis with the Puritans - Martin Williams
  • A Study of Puritan Covenant Theology - Youngchun Cho
  • "Three Persons Yet But One": The Trinitarian Theology of Hercules Collins - G. Stephen Weaver Jr.
  • Herman Bavinck's Anthropology and the Recent Body-Soul Debate - Thiago M. Silva

Pastoral Theology

  • Preaching the Resurrection - David P. Murray
  • Guarding Your Steps: The Puritan Practice of Preparing for Public Worship - Devon Kauflin
  • The Development of the Scottish Doctrine of the Church: The Far-Reaching Ministry of John Knox - Mark A. Koller
  • The Holy Spirit and the Preacher of God - Rob Ventura
  • "Reverence an Adoration of the Fullness of the Scriptures": Remembering the Ministry of William Bridge - Michael A.G. Haykin

Book Reviews

  • Joel R. Beeke, Michael P.V. Barret, Gerald M. Bilkes, Paul M. Smalley, eds. Family Worship Bible Guide - Frederika Pronk
  • Sinclair B. Ferguson, Devoted to God: Blueprints for Sanctification - Ryan M. McGraw
  • Geordan Hammond and David Ceri Jones, eds. George Whitefield: Life, Context, and Legacy - Adriaan C. Neele
  • Ulrich L. Lehner, Richard A. Muller, and A.G. Roeber, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Theology, 1600-1800 - Ryan M. McGraw
  • Nicholas P. Lunn. The Original Ending Of Mark: A New Case for the Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20 - Jeffrey T. Riddle
  • Francesca Aran Murphy, ed. The Handbook of Christology - Ryan M. Mcgraw
  • Christopher Ben Simpson. Modern Christian Theology - Greg Parker, Jr.
  • Daniel Timmerman. Heinrich Bullinger on Prophecy and the Prophetic Office (1523-1538). Volume 33. Reformed Historical Theology - Ryan M. McGraw
  • Kevin J. Vanhoozer. Biblical Authority after Babel: Retrieving the Solas in the Spirit of Mere Protestant Christianity - Ryan M. Hurd