Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 8, No. 1 - January 2016

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Table of Contents:

Biblical Studies

Wisdom: Person or Personification? Thoughts on Proverbs 8 – Michael P. Barrett

Christ and the Psalms – Pieter De Vries

1 John 2:22 – What Does the Liar Deny? – Guy Waters

Systematic and Historical Theology

Exegesis and Resistance: The Calvinistic Political Revolution, 1530-1580

‘Is Marriage Truly Open to All?’: The Diverging Perspectives of Puritan Casuistry on the Christian’s Freedom to Marry – Seth Osborne

Laurence Chaderton: His Life and Ecclesiology – Joel R. Beeke

A Brief Sketch of Francis Turretin’s Doctrine of Creation – Andrew Hay

Experiential Theology

Christ’s High Priesthood and Christian Worship in Hebrews – Ian C. Macleod

A Historical and Bible Root of the Globalization of Christianity: The Fullerism of Andrew Fuller’s The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation – Michael A.G. Haykin

Pastoral Theology and Missions

A Life in the Word – Joel R. Beeke

Hans Peter Hallbeck, Missionary to the Cape (1817-1840) – Christo Heiberg

The Preacher and His Technology – David P. Murray

Contemporary and Cultural Issues

Training Up Children in the Way that They Should Go: Jonathan Edwards’s Advice to Young Converts – Peter Beck

Busy but Fruitful: How to Manage Time – Joel R. Beeke

Book & Article Reviews