Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 7, No. 2 - July 2015

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Table of Contents:

Biblical Studies

Pursuing Holiness: Thinking Through the Relevance of Levitical Dietary Laws – Charles M. Barrett

Christ the End of the Law: The Interpretation of Romans 10:4 - Richard Winston


Systematic and Historical Theology

The Perspicuity of Scripture – Joel R. Beeke

‘Not Just a Rabbit’: Aspects and Implications of Martin Luther’s Response to Islam – David VanBrugge

God and the Meaning of Human Suffering Based on Calvin’s Theological Perspective: A Theodicy – Thiago Machado Silva

‘Everywhere, Always, by All’: William Perkins and James Ussher on the Constructive Use of the Fathers – Coleman M. Ford

The Holy Spirit in David Dickson’s Doctrine of the Pactum Salutis – Joohyun Kim

The Doctrine of Adoption: Theological Trajectories in Puritan Literature – Michael M. Dewalt

‘This is Felicity and the Work of Glorified Souls’: Wilhelmus a Brakel on the Glory and Glorification of God – Brandon James Crawford


Experiential Theology

John Calvin’s Trinitarian Theology of Prayer – Ivan E. Mesa

Sweet Sensibility: Andrew Fuller’s Defense of Religious Affections – Michael A.G. Haykin


Pastoral Theology and Missions

Catechism Preaching – Joel R. Beeke

Spiritual Preaching: Sharing Transcendence with Immanent Beings – Willem van Vlastuin



Interview with Paul M. Smalley about Prepared by Grace for Grace: The Puritans on God’s Ordinary Way of Leading Sinners to Christ – Brian G. Najapfour


Book Reviews