Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 7, No. 1 - January 2015

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Table of Contents:

Biblical Studies

What Fought the Battle of Jericho? – Michael P. Barrett

Mark my Words: The Deity of the Son in the Gospel of Mark – Anthony Rogers

Why Must Believers Die? – Maarten Kuivenhoven

Hermeneutics: A Biblically Based View – Pieter De Vries


Systematic and Historical Theology

The Heavens Declare: The Extent and Efficacy of Natural Revelation – Jared Lovell

Is Every Sin Equal in God’s Sight: An Anthroplogical, Historical, and Biblical Outlook on the Problem of Sin – Daniel Gomes Silveira

The Covenantal Foundation of the Heidelberg Catechism – Michael G. Brown

An Examination of the Origins of English Puritan Sabbatarianism – Jon English Lee

Jonathan Edwards: Theologian of God’s Glory in Christ – Brandon James Crawford

The Anthropological Foundation for the Offer of Grace in the Theology of Andrew Fuller – Simon J. Green 


In Remembrance of George Whitefield

Lessons from the Life of George Whitefield – Jean-Marc Alter

Why Remember George Whitefield? – Robert W. Oliver

“The fields are white ready unto harvest”: The Preaching of George Whitefield – Michael A.G. Haykin

George Whitefield’s Ministry in Scotland – John J. Murray

George Whitefield: The American Connection – Terry Johnson

George Whitefield and the Calvinistic Baptists – Michael A. G. Haykin 


Pastoral Theology and Missions 

Becoming a More “Biblical” Counselor: A Guide for Lay Counseling Students – Todd Hardin

Completing, Not Competing: The Biblical Model of Marriage – David P. Murray

Word and Deed: Striving for a Biblical Balance – Daniel Gomes Silveira

The New Atheism: An Historical Developments and Critique – Ian C. Macleod


Contemporary and Cultural Issues

Should Reformed Believers Engage in Spiritual Warfare? – Peter Aiken

The Eight Elements of the Westminster Doctrine of Creation: Why They are Incompatible with Theistic Evolution – William M. Schweitzer

How to Battle Hostility and Secularism – Joel R. Beeke


Review Article

Book Reviews