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Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 5, No. 2 - July 2013

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

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Table of Contents:

Biblical Studies

Mentoring for the Kingdom's Sake: A Sermon Based on Exodus 18 - David VanBrugge

The Message of Obadiah: It's Going to Be Okay - Michael P. V. Barrett

Repentance, Eschatology, and Prophetic Hope: Repentance in the Book of Isaiah - Samuel Emadi

Systematic and Historical Theology

"To Fullfill All Righteousness": The Saving Merit of Christ's Obedience - Richard W. Daniels

John Knox's Doctrine of PRedestination and Its Practical Application for His Ecclesiology - Jae-Eun Park

Ready to Receive: Humbling and Softening in William Perkins's Preparation of the Heart - J. Stephen Yuille

John Bunyan on Justification - Joel R. Beeke

The Worst Kind of Thievery? The Puritan Servant-Slave Social Ethic in Ricahrd Baxter and William Gouge - Maarten Kuivenhoven

Reviving Dead Bones: Contours of Pietism in the Writings of Jodocus van Lodenstein and Philipp Spener - Stanley K. McKenzie

Experiential Theology

The Songs of Suffering and Sanctification: THe Hymnody of Anne Steele - Jake Porter

Pastoral Theology and Missions

Worshiping God with our Minds: Theology as Doxology among the Puritans - Peter Beck

How Biblical Is Biblical Counseling? - David P. Murray

The Minister's Helpmeet - Joel R. Beeke

Olive Carey Doke (1891-1972): The Forgotten Pioneer of Baptist Work in Central Africa - Conrad Mbewe

Contemporary Issues

In Commemoration of the Heidelberg Catechism's 450th Anniversary: The Catechism as a Confession of Faith - Joel R. Beeke

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