Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 3, No. 2 - July 2011

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Table of Contents

Biblical Studies

Hosea: His Marriage and His Message-MICHAL P.V. BARRETT

The Glory of the Cross (2)-PIETER DEVRIES

Masterfu Parables: The Language of Supremacy in Christ's Parables-GERALD BILKES

Paul and James: Are we Justified by Faith or by Faith and Works?-STEVEN LAWSON and JOEL BEEKE

Our Glorious Adoption: Trinitarian Based and Transformed Relationships (1 John 3:1-3)-JOEL BEEKE

Systematic and Historical Theology

Justification, the Central Article of Faith: A Biblical and Theological Analysis-PIETER DEVRIES

The Logic and Exegesis Behind Calvin's Doctrine of the Internal Witness of the Holy Spirit to the Authority of Scripture-DAVID WENKEL

A Synthesis and Critique of James Arminius's Declaration of Sentiments-JOHN SKIDMORE

John Bunyan: A Secretary or a Puritan or Both? A Historical Exploration of His Religious Identity-BRIAN NAJAPFOUR

Jonathan Edwards's Interpretation of the Major Prophets-JEONGMO YOO

Reading the Puritans-JOEL BEEKE

Experiential Theology

"Satisfied With the Lord's All-Sufficiency": Wilhelmus a Brakel on Joy-PAUL SMALLEY

Wihelmus a Brakel's Use of Doctrine in Calling Sinners to Repentance and Faith-JONATHAN HOLDT

"Where Shall my Wondering Soul Begin?": A Historical and Theological Analysis of Charles Wesley's Hymn-BRiAN NAJAPFOUR

Pastoral Theology and Missions

Preaching from Lamentations-GAVIN BEERS

An Introduction to Christian Leadership-DAVID P. MURRAY

Contemporary and Cultural Issues

The Accuracy of the Authorized Version After 400 Years-MALCOLM WATTS

Delight in the Lord's Day-ANDREW J. BARNES

Retaining Scripture in our Minds and Hearts-RYAN MCGRAW

The Church Community in Contemporary Culture: Evangelism and Engagement-KIERAN BEVILLE

Review Articles

The Reading of Scripture-PIETER DEVRIES

Book Reviews

John Carrick, The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards-RYAN MCGRAW

William Greenhill, Stop Loving the World-RYAN MCGRAW

Darrin Patrick, Church Planter-NICHOLAS BATZIG

Philip Sutherland Ross, From the Finger of God-NICHOLAS BATZIG

George Swinnock, Fading of the Flesh and the Flourshing of Faith-RYAN MCGRAW


Diana West, Death of the Grown Up-TIM CHALLIES