Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 2, No. 1 - January 2010

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


Biblical Studies

The Jews’ View of the Old Testament – David Murray

An Everlasting House: An Exegesis of 2 Samuel 7 – Maarten Kuivenhoven

Applying Christ’s Supremacy: Learning from Hebrews – Gerald M. Bilkes

Systematic and Historical Theology

“Hot Protestants”: A Taxonomy of English Puritanism – Ian Hugh Clary

John Bunyan and His Relevance for Today – Pieter DeVries

Samuel Petto (c. 1624-1711): A Portrait of a Puritan Pastor Theologian – Michael G. Brown

James Durham (1622-1658) and the Free Offer of the Gospel – Donald John MacLean

The Ceremonial or Moral Law: Jonathan Edwards’s Old Perspective on an Old Error – Craig Biehl

Experiential Theology

The Theological Foundation and Goal of Piety in Calvin and Erasmus – Timothy J. Gwin

Thomas Watson: The Necessity of Meditation – Jennifer C. Neimeyer

Was Samuel Rutherford a Mystic? – Robert Arnold

The “Sense of the Heart”: Edwards’s Public Expression of His Pietistic Understanding of Religious Experience – Karin Spiecker Stetina

Pastoral Theology and Missions

John Owen and the Third Mark of the Church – Stephen Yuille

Jeremiah Burroughs on Worship – James Davison

Samuel Davies: One of America’s Greatest Revival Preachers – John E. Skidmore  

A Pastor’s Analysis of Emphases in preaching: Two False Dichotomies and Three Conclusions – Ryan M. McGraw

“For God’s Glory (and) for the Good of Precious Souls”: Calvinism and Missions in the Piety of Samuel Pearce ( 1766-1799) – Michael A.G. Haykin

Contemporary and Cultural Issues

Handling Error in the Church: Marin Downes Interviewing – Joel R. Beeke

Interview with Geoff Thomas

Practical Lessons from the Life of Idelette Calvin – Joel R. Beeke

The “Little Church”: Raising a Spiritual Family with Jonathan Edwards – Peter beck

Book Reviews

Book Endorsements