Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 11, No. 2 - July 2019

Puritan Reformed Theology Seminary

Table of Contents:

From the Editors

Biblical Studies

  • Leveraging the Sermonic Structure of the Second Psalm - Timothy L. Decker
  • Court is in Session: Micah 6 - Michael P. V. Barrett

Systematic and Historical Theology

  • Calvin and the Imputation of the Obedience of Christ to the Believer - Michael Howard Seal
  • "But if We Have Respect to the Word of God": An Evaluation of Calvin's Perspectives on the Believer's Responsibility to the Governing Authorities - Daniel Wiley
  • The Work of the Spirit in Assurance and Salvation: A Comparison of Anthony Burgess and Thomas Goodwin - David S. Hall
  • "What Is My Present Life but a Death to Me?": Archibald Johnston of Wariston (1611-1663) and the Puritan Experience of Melancholy - David G Whitla
  • The Spirituality of William Gurnall: The Devil's Threat to Puritan Piety - Cory Higdon

Experiential Theology

  • John Bunyan's Experiential Exposition of the Doctrine of Justification - Josef Urban

Practical Theology

  • Learning from the Puritans on Being Salt and Light - Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley

Pastoral Theology

  • Second Samuel 13 for the Abused and Their Families - Eric Moerdyk


  • The Nevius Method and its Influence on Current Foreign Mission Work - Pablo Landázuri

Review Article and Interview

  • Garnet Howard Milne. Has the Bible Been Kept Pure? The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Providential Preservation of Scripture - Jeffrey T. Riddle
  • Tom Schwanda. The Emergence of Evangelical Spirituality: The Age of Edwards, Newton, Whitefield - Brian Golez Najapfour
  • Interview: William Boekestein. A Colorful Past; A Coloring Book of Church History - Brian Golez Najafour

Book Reviews

  • Jan C. Gerz, Bernard M. Levinson, Dalit Rom-Shiloni, and Konrad Schmid, eds. The Foundation of the Pentateuch: Bridging the Academic Cultures of Europe, Israel and North America - Daniel C. Timmer
  • Andrew M. Leslie. The Light of Grace: John Owen on the Authority of Scripture and Christian Faith - Crawford Gribben
  • Adriaan Neele. Before Jonathan Edwards: Sources of New England Theology - Ryan M. McGraw
  • Darren Sarisky, ed. Theologies of Retrieval: An Exploration and Appraisal - Ryan M. McGraw
  • Violet Soen and Wim Francois, eds. The Council of Trent - Ryan M. McGraw