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Puritan Reformed Journal: Vol. 1, No. 2 - July 2009

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary


Biblical Studies

Bright Shadows (2): Preaching Christ from the Old Testament – David Murray

Heart-Reading: Recovering a Spiritual Approach to the Bible – Gerald Bilkes

Significance of Suffering in the Study of First Peter – Brian Najapfour

Love of the Brethren in 1 John and Church History – Michael A.G. Haykin

Systematic and Historical Theology

Cur Deus Homo? A Closer Look at the Atonement Theories of Peter Abelard and Bernard of Clairvaux – Jonathan Beeke

Calvin on the Promise of God – Pieter DeVries

Omnipotent Sweetness? Puritanism versus Socinianism – Joel M. Heflin

“To Walk According to the Gospel”: The Origin and History of The Marrow of Modern Divinity – William VanDoodewaard

The Reformed Dogmatics of G.H. Kersten Compared with His Older Contemporaries, Abraham Kuyper and Herman Bavinck – Pieter Rouwendal

Experiential Theology

Calvin as an Experiential Preacher – Joel R. Beeke

Blessedness in the Piety of William Perkins: Objective Reality or Subjective Experience? – Stephen Yuille

The Biblical-Experimental Foundations of Jonathan Edwards’s Theology of Religious Experience, 1720-1723 – Karin Spiecker Stetina

Pastoral Theology and Missions

According to the Custom of the Ancient Church? Examining the Roots of John Calvin’s Liturgy – Daniel R. Hyde

John Calvin and Missions – Derek Thomas

Five Reasons why the Sabbath is Designed for Worship – Ryan M. McGraw

Contemporary and Cultural Issues

Can We Hope for a Neocalvinist-Neopuritan Dialogue? - Ray Pennings

Because Men Love Darkness: Culture’s Dangerous Infatuation with Halloween – David J. Bissett

Interview with Joel Beeke about Reformed Churches and Seminaries

Book and Article Reviews