Proven Men: Be on Guard (Hesch)

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Proven Men Ministries

Most men struggle with sexual integrity, whether it is pornography, masturbation, lust, or fantasy―and many are trapped in bondage to it. Breaking free requires more than self-determination. The good news is that there is a PROVEN Path to follow that leads you toward victory each day along the life journey God intended for you. This book sets out that PROVEN Path to victory. 

This book includes the author’s personal 20 year struggle and rise from sex addict to founder of Proven Men Ministries, which has been helping men lead PROVEN lives for the past 15 years. Men from across the world have been using these principles to finally live out the victory they longed for. 

Living out sexual integrity isn’t about tugging harder at your bootstraps to pull yourself up out of the miry pit. You can try it, but it won’t work. Neither is it about following a catchy set of self-help tips that promise to put a stop to lusting or looking at pornography. Man-made programs are not capable of lasting results, because they don’t address the root issue that gives life to impurity. 

This book pushes aside the typical misconceptions about sexual integrity. It will be your guide to unlocking the mystery of becoming a PROVEN Man in the midst of an era with a worldview based on sex. Victory is won through living out six fundamentals, on which the PROVEN acronym is based and more fully explained in the book. 

There is also available a separate companion 12-Week Study to a PROVEN Path to Sexual Integrity that gives you the much needed time and practice of putting into place the six elements of a PROVEN life that will free you from sexually addictive thoughts and behaviors. 

You are not alone. Purpose to join the ranks of other Proven Men and live out sexual integrity.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Orientation
  3. Week One Study
  4. Week Two Study
  5. Week 3 Study
  6. Week 4 Study
  7. Week 5 Study
  8. Week 6 Study
  9. Week 7 Study
  10. Week 8 Study
  11. Week 9 Study
  12. Week 10 Study
  13. Week 11 Study
  14. Week 12 Study
  15. Endnotes

Appendix A: Relational Exercises

Appendix B: Sample Life Goals

Appendix C: Names of God

Appendix D: Attributes of God

Appendix E: Why Jesus?

Appendix F: How Do I Feel?

Appendix G: Developing a Heart of Worship

Appendix H: How to Write a Psalm

Appendix I: The Nature of Sexual Immorality

Appendix J: Freedom from Sexual Bondage

Appendix K: The Armor of God

Appendix L: My Purpose in Life

Appendix M: Your Next Bible Studies

Appendix N: Falling in Love with God by Following His Ways

Appendix O: The Purpose, Practice, and Power of Prayer Proven Men

Appendix P: Network Partnerships, A Key to Breaking free from the Grip of Pornography

Appendix Q: Joel and Tim's Stories

Appendix R: 12 Memory Verses