Pitchin' A Fit!: Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting (Wayne)

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Parenting comes with stresses that can make the most laid-back among us feel irritable, frustrated, and angry. Even parents who sincerely love their children sometimes use the wrong methods of anger and frustration in an attempt to control their children. But angry parenting doesn’t just weaken relationships between parents and their children; it can, over time, destroy them. Few parents set out to become yelling meanies who no longer enjoy their children. Yet many feel stuck, unable to pull themselves out of their ugly habits. This book:

  • Provides practical and biblical solutions to get to the other side of the issue
  • Gives hope and freedom from the tyranny of stressed-out and angry parenting
  • Offers solutions that are ideal for any family.

If anger is in your home — even in small ways — this book is for you. It is time to replace that anger with something more powerful: patience and peace. Israel and Brook share candidly from their experience as parents.

Table of Contents:

1. Stressed Out and Overwhelmed
2. Is It Wrong to Get Angry?
3. What Causes Anger?
4. Provoking Our Children to Wrath
5. Trigger Happy — What Sets You Off?
6. Yelling Moms, Hollering Dads
7. “But I’m Not Patient!”
8. What Patience Is and Isn’t
9. Nurture in the Heart of Correcting
10.The Power of Affirmation
11. Creating Peace in the Home
12. Accountability



"I have known Israel and Brook Wayne and their children for many years. During that time I have had the joy of watching their family grow to now nine children. When it comes to parenting, they practice what they preach. Speaking from the perspective of a pastor, their children are some of the most well-behaved children I’ve ever had the blessing of being with. They behave better, and pay attention in church, more than some adults I know. Biblically parenting their children isn’t something they just do, it’s who they are. I only wish I had their insights to parenting when I raised my own. It would have made things easier." - Richard Grom, Calvary Chapel Sunset Coast

"The Wayne’s have done a wonderful job of telling a story of the danger of anger in the family. Their transparency shows they have lived in our shoes and this lends credibility to their anger solutions. If we fall to temptation and sin in the area of anger, there is hope in repentance and confession as seen in their story. I was greatly encouraged by regularly pointing us to biblical truth. One of the keys of adopting what the Waynes are teaching is that it will help to build the foundation for long-term healthy relationships with our children as they move into adulthood. I would highly recommend this book and the study questions at the end of each chapter to help overcome all forms of anger in the home." - Todd Kangas, Director of Midwest Parent Educators

"Scripture commands fathers to avoid exasperating their children and provoking them to anger. Yet our kid’s disobedience seems to naturally bring out the anger buried inside. So how are parents to reach the heart of our young children and shepherd them with grace and gentleness? I’m a firm believer in one of Brook’s and Israel’s suggestions to “slow down and sit down” when you are suddenly faced with a need to discipline a young one. After all, what’s the rush? Slowing down will help you as much as it will bless your children. Give it a try. I bet you will feel better about the whole process." - Davis Carman, President, Apologia Educational Ministries