Picking Up the Pieces: Recovering from Broken Relationships (Priolo)

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When a romantic relationship is torn apart, it can wreak havoc in the lives and emotions of everyone involved. The pain is all the worse if you were not the one who wanted the relationship to end.

You may wonder, “Will the ache in my heart ever go away?” The answer, says Lou Priolo, is yes.

You can find relief even when you feel forsaken, because true healing comes from the One who will never forsake you. If you are hurting after a broken relationship, here is much-needed counsel and biblical guidance to lead you away from heartache and into a healthier, happier, and holier relationship with Christ.

Table of Contents: 

  1. How Can I Mend My Broken Heart?
  2. Have You Tossed Those Lovin’ Feelings? 
  3. How Do Fools ‘Fall in Love’? 
  4. Can’t I Stop Loving You? 
  5. Love Isn’t Blue
  6. Why Are You Lonesome Tonight? 
  7. There Goes My Security Thing 
  8. Is Your Imagination Running Away with You? 
  9. It’s Not the End of the World
  10. What Good Comes to the Brokenhearted? 
  11. I Can Get Used to Losing You
  12. Just Called to Say, “I Don’t Love You!” 
  13. Love Be Tender 
  14. Won’t Be Cruel 
  15. Yesterday Wants More 
  16. Will I Still Love You Tomorrow?
  17. I Say a Little Prayer and Supplication with Thanksgiving 
  18. I’m Nobody Till Somebody Loves Me
  19. Misheard It through the Grapevine? 
  20. Won’t Look Back
  21. It’s Your Party 
  22. Who Can You Turn To? 
  23. Suspicious Mines 
  24. Isn’t That a Shame?
  25. Devoted to Who? 
  26. Can’t Smile Without Who? 
  27. I Won’t Last a Day without Who? 
  28. I Don’t Need to Be in Love 
  29. You Can’t Hurry Out of Love
  30. Someday Your Prince Will Come

Appendix A: What Am I Doing the Rest of Your Life?

Appendix B: It’s Not Too Late to Turn Back Now 

Appendix C: You’ll Never Get to Heaven If

Appendix D: You Always Hurt the One You Don’t Love 

Appendix E: You Don’t Have to Say ‘I Love You’ 



Lou Priolo is the Director of the Eastwood Counseling Ministry in Montgomery, Alabama. He is a graduate of Calvary Bible College and Liberty University. Lou has been a full-time biblical counselor and instructor for more than twenty-three years, and is a Fellow of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors. He lives in Wetumpka, Alabama, with his wife Kim and his daughters Sophia and Gabriella



“A masterful job of applying God’s Word to the anger and agony that flow from broken relationships.” — Ken Sande, president, Peacemaker Ministries

“If someone you love has abandoned you, [here] you can find helpful biblical suggestions for dealing with the anger, hurt, bitterness, and sense of loss.” — Ed Bulkley, president, International Association of Biblical Counselors

“Copies of this book should be in every counselor’s toolbox.” — Jay E. Adams, author, Christ and Your Problems

“A book about a problem that no one wants to acknowledge exists. . . . Thoroughly biblical, thoughtfully practical, Christ-honoring.” — Elyse Fitzpatrick, author, Idols of the Heart

“[Lou] writes in an engaging style that blends just the right amount of humor with the unapologetic proclamation of God’s Word.” — James MacDonald, senior pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel