Petrus Van Mastricht (1630-1706): Text, Context, and Interpretation (Neele)

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This volume presents collected essays from scholars around the world on various aspects of Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706) theology, philosophy, and reception in the context of his time. The status of theology and philosophy in the wake of the Enlightenment had many of the same problems we see in theology today as relating to the use and appropriation of classical theology in a 21st-century context. Ideas about the necessity of classical primary sources of Christianity in sustaining Reformed theology are once again becoming important, and Mastricht has many insights. The essays contained in book work represent precisely the range of scholarly interests that the new approach to Reformed Orthodoxy has come to embody


Table of Contents:

Foreword – Carl R. Trueman

Preface – Adriaan C. Neele


Petrus van Mastricht and Reformed Orthodoxy – Ryan M. McGraw


Petrus van Mastricht and the Twofold Kingdom of Christ – Jonathan D. Beeke

Petrus van Mastricht and the External and Internal Call. Cartesian Influence of Reformed thinking? – Elco van Burg

Petrus van Mastricht on Christ’s Suretyship in the Old Testament – Gyeongcheol Gwon

Petrus van Mastricht on Theoretical-Practical Theology, Saving Faith, and the Ministry of the Word – Todd M. Rester


Petrus van Mastricht and Freedom of the Will – Philip J. Fisk

Petrus van Mastricht and Descartes’s New Philosophy – Yoshi Kato

Petrus van Mastricht’s Ad Verum Clariss D. Balthasaren Beckerum: Beginning with Scripture, Ending with Worship – Daniel J. Ragusa


Petrus van Masticht’s A Treatise on Regeneration: An Old World Voice for a New World Controversy – Brandon J. Crawford

Petrus van Mastricht’s Beschouwende-Betraachtende Godtgeleertheidt (1748-1753). A Tested Translator? – Adriaan C. Neele




Dr. Adriaan C. Neele is Research Scholar at Yale University, Jonathan Edwards Center and Professor of Historical Theology, Director of the Doctoral Program at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.