Pastoral Care and Western Medicine (Bogosh)

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Xulon Press

Western medicine is not only a science that has relieved much suffering in the world; it is also a philosophy that stands contrary to biblical Christianity. Medical science can offer physical help, but it cannot answer the most profound questions asked by the suffering and dying: Why am I sick? Why did I contract this disease? Why am I dying? Only the Bible offers adequate and satisfying answers to such questions.

Author Christopher Bogosh navigates the waters of modern medical practice and its underlying assumptions and presents biblically informed answers to questions about illness, disease, death, and dying. Here is valuable guidance for pastors on becoming part of the healthcare team, counseling those facing the end of life, and making choices about medical care. Indeed, this book provides all Christians with help and hope that is based in sound theology and biblical ethics.



Christopher W. Bogosh preaches and teaches regularly at New Hope Baptist Church in Saint Marys, Georgia, where he is a member. He is also a registered nurse at Community Hospice of Northeast Florida, serving as a clinical hospice liaison for Baptist Hospital and the surrounding community. Chris possesses a unique blend of medical and theological training, enabling him to engage the highly technical world of medical science while maintaining fidelity to the Scriptures.