Out of Obscurity into the Light: The Life of Missionary Minister, Gerrit Kuijt, Pioneer among the Papuans (Kranendonk & Van Toor)

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Gerrit Kuijt (1933-2000) was sent out as a missionary minister by the Netherlands Reformed Congregations to Irian Jaya, now Papua part of Indonesia, in the year 1962. He labored tirelessly as a pioneer missionary. His work was characterized by a 'restless seeking of souls'. His obituary card read, "The proclamation of the Gospel was his life, the whole world his mission field".

This book contains many pictures that show the captivating life and work of Rev. G. Kuijt.

"This book is not intended to be a historical account of the mission work of the Netherlands Reformed Congregations in New Guinea. Nor is it an anthropological study or a chronological, detailed account of the acts of one individual. Rather, this story outlines the life of Rev. Gerrit Kuijt, while showing how God's ruling hand builds His Church in a wonderful way, regardless of the sin-stained work of man." - W.B. Kranendonk (From the Foreword)