On Providence and Other Essays (Zwingli)

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This volume contains several of Zwingli's pre-Reformation writings and his earliest Reformation treatises, which defended the freedom of Christians by attacking such issues as regulations governing Lenten fasts, clerical marriage and clerical celibacy.

Table of Contents: 

  1. Declaration of Huldreich Zwingli Regarding Original Sin, Addressed to Urbanus Rhegius – August 15, 1526
  2. An Account of the Faith of Huldreich Zwingli, Submitted to the German Emperor Charles V, at the Diet of Augsburg – July 3, 1530
  3. Refutation of the Articles of Zwingli Presented to His Imperial Majesty, Made by John Eck Under the Patronage of the Most Honorable Prince, Lord Erhard, S.R.E. Cardinal Bishop of Liege – July 17, 1530
  4. Letter of Huldreich Zwingli to the Illustrious Princes of Germany Assembled at Augsburg, Regarding the Insults of Eck – August 27, 1530
  5. Reproduction from Memory of a Sermon on the Providence of God, Dedicated to His Highness, Philip of Hesse – August 20, 1530
  6. A Short and Clear Exposition of the Christian Faith Preached by Huldreich Zwingli, Written by Zwingli Himself Shortly Before His Death to a Christian King. Thus Far not Printed by Anyone and now for the First Time Published to the World, Written July, 1531