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Notebook for Eternity: 26 Reflections on the Nature of God (Richards) (NS-CL)

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Christian Focus

Notebook for Eternity is theology in easy–to–understand, bite–sized chunks. Using the alphabet as a template, each chapter focuses in on one characteristic of the nature of God.With each day offering verses from all over the Bible and a short devotional piece, this little handbook will help direct your mind and inform your thinking on your heavenly Father.



Wayne Richards is a Presbyterian elder in Sydney. He has been the Executive Director for the Council of Churches in New South Wales, a director of Christian schools, a director of the Reformers Bookshop as well as CEO of the Presbyterian Church in New South Wales for over thirteen years.



Finding reliable answers to eternal questions begins with knowing one’s spiritual ABCs. The Notebook for Eternity is a delightful, helpful primer for all who long to know the one true, living God.

- Ken Wingate, Author and Bible teacher

The 26 devotionals, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet, have beautiful Scripture texts verifying the truth of what has just been postulated. The great benefit of this devotional will be found if one spends time meditating on its content rather than simply reading it through.

- George I. Macaskill, Minister, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

You hold in your hand a little book. But what enormous, priceless treasures are contained within these pages! Almost without realising it you will be drawn to consider the great timeless truths of God’s nature and character.

- Colin Buchanan, Christian Children's Recording artist and author, Sydney, Australia

Wayne Richards directs our thoughts to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in an engaging and thoughtful way. Using the alphabet as a memory aid, he outlines 26 attributes of God, which should encourage and cheer in the daily grind of life.

- Carine MacKenzie, Best–selling author of children’s books, Inverness, Scotland

Short, straight to the point descriptions of the characteristics of God, delivering timeless truth in small doses. Refreshing and restorative. To be taken daily after dinner.

- Ann Benton, Author and family conference speaker, Guildford, England