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Not a Chance: God, Science, and the Revolt Against Reason (Sproul & Mathison)

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Can chance truly be responsible for all that is?

Despite claiming unbelief in God or any higher power that may have designed or created the world, modern scientists often write and speak of chance as some kind of being or force that can actually cause things to happen. They have excluded any designer but filled in the resultant void with faulty reasoning.

In this classic book, R. C. Sproul and Keith Mathison call the scientific world to employ logic and clarity in their discourse, to leave the word chance as an abstract concept to describe mathematical possibilities rather than an ontological entity that can cause change. Dallas Willard praised Not a Chance as "Sproul at his best, which is very good. He shows secularism to be what it now is: a desperate faith." This expanded edition includes a new chapter dealing with the most recent attempts to defend irrational scientific statements. A new appendix reviews other literature on scientific discoveries that support belief in a Creator God.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Soft Pillow
  2. The Mask of Ignorance
  3. A Quantum Leap
  4. The Voice of Reason
  5. Light and the Light
  6. Framing the Question
  7. The Policeman of Science
  8. Cosmos or Chaos?
  9. A Being without a Cause
  10. No Chance in the World
  11. Ex Nihilo, Nihil Fit

Appendix: A Review of Stephen M. Barr’s Modern Physics and Ancient Faith  



R.C. Sproul has served the church as a seminary professor, preacher, and author for almost fifty years. He is the founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries and can be heard teaching daily on the radio program Renewing Your Mind, which broadcasts on more than three hundred radio outlets in the United States and throughout fifty countries. He is also a pastor at Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Florida.

Keith Mathison is professor of systematic theology at Reformation Bible College in Florida. He has been an associate editor of Tabletalk magazine at Ligonier Ministries and is the author of several books.



"Powerfully argued. Here science, philosophy, and theology meet." -- Ravi Zacharias, author of The Real Face of Atheism

"Readable, well researched, and compelling. The authors commend Christianity as the best explanation for our world of cause and effect and meaning." -- Douglas Groothuis, professor of philosophy, Denver Seminary

"Sproul shows the reader that a self-creating universe is a self-contradiction. Every Christian who wants to make an effective defense for his or her faith should read this book." -- Steven B. Cowan, coauthor of The Love of Wisdom and coeditor of In Defense of the Bible

"A needed correction for errors that have crept into modern-day science. It is a refreshing and enlightening book that tackles difficult topics and brings them down to the layman." -- Dr. Robert Waltzer, professor and chair of biology, Belhaven University