No Condemnation in Christ Jesus (Winslow)

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Words from Romans chapter eight feature frequently in discussions of Christian’s favorite texts in the Bible. It contains some of the richest and most encouraging statements in the whole of the New Testament. yet it is not a string of isolated sentences, but a rich mosaic of grace, a tapestry of truth woven together into a magnificent unity. Beginning with the promise of ‘no condemnation’ it moves to a climax in its assurance that there will be ‘no separation’ for those who belong to Christ.

In No Condemnation in Christ, once a much-loved study but now long out of print, Octavius Winslow gives an exposition which puts on display the treasures of grace to be found in the letter which Martin Luther once called ‘the clearest Gospel of them all’.


Table of Contents: 

  1. No Condemnation
  2. Freedom from the Law of Sin and Death
  3. The Impotence of the Law, and God’s Method of Meeting it
  4. The Righteousness of the Law accomplished in the Believer
  5. The Unregenerate and the Regenerate contrasted
  6. Spiritual-Mindedness
  7. The Enmity of the Carnal Mind
  8. Pleasing God
  9. The Indwelling of the Spirit in the Regenerate
  10. The Body Dead, but the Spirit Life
  11. The Resurrection of Christ
  12. The Resurrection of the Christian
  13. The Believer’s Obligation to Mortify Sin
  14. The Guidance of the Spirit
  15. The Spirit of Adoption
  16. The Spirit Testifying to the Believer’s Adoption
  17. The Christian’s Joint Heirship
  18. Present Suffering Weighed with Future Glory
  19. The Earnest Expectation of the Renewed Creature
  20. A Suffering World in Sympathy with Suffering Man
  21. The First-fruits of the Spirit, an Earnest of the Full Redemption
  22. Saved by Hope
  23. The Sympathy of the Spirit with the Infirmity of Prayer
  24. The Intercession of the Spirit in the Saints
  25. All Things working for Good
  26. Divine Predestination
  27. Effectual Calling
  28. Free Justification
  29. Eternal Glorification
  30. God is For Us
  31. The Gift of God’s Son, the Guarantee of all other Blessing
  32. The Believer’s Challenge
  33. The Believer’s Triumph
  34. More than Conquerors
  35. No Separation from Christ Jesus  



Octavius Winslow (1808–1878) was born in London, England, and raised in New York. He was ordained as a pastor in 1833 and held pastorates in New York, Leamington Spa, Bath, and Brighton. A prolific author, his devotional writings exhibit his Reformed, experiential convictions and distinctive, warm, ardent style.