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New Titles by Dr. Joel R. Beeke: 3 Pack -SUPERSAVER DEAL

$110.00 $50.00 (You save $60.00)

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Product Description

Don't miss this great deal! The three latest books from Dr. Joel Beeke are now available for 55% off of regular value! The three titles included are Knowing and Growing in Assurance of Faith, Theology made Practical, and Debated Issues in Sovereign Predestination.

Knowing and Growing in Assurance of Faith

Assurance of faith is the conviction that one belongs to Christ through faith and will enjoy everlasting salvation. It is more than believing the gospel - it is believing that these truths apply to you. Having assurance affects life in more ways than forgiveness of sin, alleviation of guilt, and salvation from the punishment of hell - it affects your whole being, firing up your affections for Christ, your unshakable trust in God, your burden for the unsaved and your joy in life and even death.

Theology Made Practical

In Theology Made Practical, Joel R. Beeke, David W. Hall, and Michael A. G. Haykin declare the significance of John Calvin’s life and ideas—particularly his contributions to systematic theology, pastoral theology, and political theology—as well as the influence he had on others through the centuries. With focused studies related to the Trinity, predestination, the Holy Spirit, justification, preaching, missions, principles of government, welfare, and marriage, this book demonstrates how Calvin’s thought has been, and still is, a dynamic wellspring of fruitfulness for numerous areas of the Christian life. More than 450 years since Calvin experienced the beatific vision, his thinking about God and His Word still possesses what our culture passionately longs for—true relevancy.

Debated Issues in Sovereign Predestination

Joel R. Beeke examines three flashpoints of controversy in Reformation and Post-Reformation theology: first, the development of the Lutheran doctrine of predestination from Martin Luther and Philip Melancthon to the formula of Concord; second, the doctrine of reprobation as traced through the writings of John Calvin; and third, the doctrine of predestination in Geneva from Theodore Beza in the sixteenth century to Jean-Alphonse Turretin and Jacob Vernet in the eighteenth century. This book offers a balanced, historical analysis of a difficult subject.


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