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Nehemiah: Rebuilt and Rebuilding (Nielson)

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Nielson’s study allows readers to delve into one of the most compelling Old Testament narratives, in the story of Nehemiah leading God’s people to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls after the exile. The study aims to lead students of the Word to examine the text carefully and to apply it meaningfully and well. Ten lessons include helpful background and questions which both set the story in its historical context and also illumine the larger biblical context of God’s redemptive plan.

Nehemiah offers us an instructive example of great leadership, in his godly courage and prayerful spirit. But Nehemiah offers us more than an example; he also points us to God’s sovereign plan to work through his people according to his promises and for his redemptive purposes in Jesus Christ. Nielson leads us to peer into the dramatic story of God’s people led by a godly leader at a crucial point in salvation history.



Kathleen Nielson (Ph.D. in Literature, Vanderbilt University) has served as an English Professor, conference speaker and author. She and her husband, Dr. Niel Nielson, President of Covenant College, have three sons.



"Dr. Kathleen Nielson brings her great love for the Word of God to bear upon the dramatic story and themes of restoration found in the Book of Nehemiah. This study brings us face to face with God?s covenant people and God's faithfulness to His promises. Kathleen, a gifted teacher, guides the student to consider the text and contexts with an historical, redemptive perspective, pointing us to the fulfillment of God's promises in Christ." - Jane Patete, Coordinator of PCA Women’s Ministries