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Modest: Men and Women Clothed in the Gospel (Challies & Glenn)

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Cruciform Press
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Uh oh, another book on modesty. And look, here’s a surprise…it’s written by men.

Is that sort of what you’re thinking? If so, we want to assure you that this book is different. We promise.

When it comes to discussions of modesty among Christians, the problems you have probably experienced and the challenges we face as authors have the same root: expectations based on experience. Christians have come to associate any discussion of modesty as necessarily involving a certain focus and vocabulary. We just know that words like “spaghetti straps” and “bikinis” will very quickly become part of the conversation. Maybe even “head coverings.” And when a man is the speaker or the author or the one leading the discussion? That’s when women, in particular, often brace themselves, fearing an assault on their fashion sense and wondering if they are about the be blamed for all male struggles with sexual lust. Does he think I have to be ugly to be godly?

We know this is a problem. We’ve read those books, heard those sermons, attended those small groups, and reviewed those pamphlets.

And we are just as perplexed and frustrated as you are.

That’s why we knew from the start that this book had to be different. In the pages that follow, we are not going to focus on your wardrobe. In a sense, we don’t even care about your wardrobe. But we care a great deal about your heart, and that is true whether you’re a man or a woman. We want to see your heart so gripped by the gospel of grace that modesty becomes beautiful and desirable to you, not just in your wardrobe but in all of life. We want you to understand that modesty isn’t just motivated by the gospel, it’s an entailment of the gospel—it flows naturally from a solid grasp of the gospel.



R W Glenn is an author and the Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Redeemer Bible Church in Minnetonka, MN. He has written Drive By Theology, Drive By Church History, and The Biggest Question for Wretched Radio and Television, and in 2012 Shepherd Press will release his book, Crucifying Morality: How the Teaching of Jesus Destroys Religion. His sermons and lectures may be downloaded from Solid Food Media.

Tim Challies is a pastor, blogger, author, book reviewer, and co-founder of Cruciform Press. His websites include and Tim has written The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment, published by Crossway, and The Next Story, published by Zondervan.



“The authors of Modest break new ground in their treatment of this difficult subject. It is a healthy antidote to the prevailing views, which tend toward either legalism or antinomianism, by grounding the whole subject in the gospel. I heartily recommend this book.” - Jerry Bridges, Author, The Pursuit of Holiness

“It is so refreshing to have a book on modesty that is a useful resource and not a legalistic, culture-bound list that leaves you a bit paranoid and guilty. No, this book is different. Its counsel on modesty is not rooted in rules, but in the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That grace alone is able to get at the heart of the problem of modesty, which is the heart. In a culture where immodesty is the accepted norm, Glenn and Challies have given us help that every Christian desperately needs.” - Paul Tripp, pastor, conference speaker, and author

“How short is too short? How tight is too tight? Glenn and Challies don’t say. But they do provide a thoughtful framework to help us come to a grace-based, gospel-grounded understanding of modesty that extends beyond mere clothing. They uphold a vision for modesty that’s both beautiful and desirable — and not only for gals, but for guys too! This book is a great tool to help you wrestle with the practical question of what and what not to wear.” - Mary A. Kassian, Author, Girls Gone Wise

“As a Christian who lives in a diverse global city, I need this book. Every day I make conscious decisions regarding modesty as well as commit unintentional cultural faux pas. What does the gospel have to say about these things? I need the love of Christ to shape how I think about modesty in all of life; it’s not just about bikinis and burqas. The authors discuss how a biblical perspective on modesty delves into the depths of the human heart and applies the life-giving good news of the gospel. Modest is wonderfully edifying, encouraging, and practical.” - Gloria Furman lives in Dubai with her husband, a pastor, and their children. She is the author of Glimpses of Grace: Applying the Gospel in Your Home (Crossway, 2013) and regularly contributes to the Domestic Kingdom blog.