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Missions: The Biblical Motive and Aim (Young)

Crown & Covenant Publications

John M.L. Young was passionate about why and how the church should do mission work. He told his students, "Missions is the work of the Triune God, moving His church in love, to send Christ's ambassadors to proclaim to the world the Gospel of His covenant of life (grace) that men from all nations might be made disciples, build His church and fulfill their covenant task, seeking to bring all things into subjection to God for the true restoration and advancement of men and the Glory of God."

This succinct definition is unpacked in this volume - an important book for anyone who is mission minded. Young is uncompromisingly biblical and refreshingly practical, and his message is as relevant in this century as it was in the last.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The Foundations

1. The Basis of Missions

2. The Presuppositions of Missions

3. The Commission of Missions

Part 2: The Confrontation

4. Communication and Missions

5. Elenctics and Missions

6. Identification and Accommodation

7. Church, State, and Missions

Part 3: The Destination

8. The Church's Mission to the Nations

9. Developing Self-Governing, Self-Propagating Churches

10. Developing the Self-Supporting Church