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Mission to the Headhunters: How God's Forgiveness Transformed Tribal Enemies (Drown)

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Christian Focus Publications
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Suspicion, hatred and killing was what marked the Shuar and Atshuar Indians. The first missionaries in the Ecuadorian Rainforest Frank & Marie were committed to bringing about life changes in these tribes by seeking to communicate forgiveness of sin and new life which could be found in Christ. Frank and Marie Drown prepared the way for Jim Elliott, Nate Saint and their colleagues. Frank was the person who discovered their bodies.


Table of Contents:

Preface – Elisabeth Elliot

1. Preparation for a Mission

2. Scorpions + Vampire Bats

3. Fallen Hope

4. Back to Civilization

5. Beginning Life in Makuma

6. Alone on the Station

7. Where Christ Has Not Been Named

8. New Creations in Christ

9. Medical Missionaries

10. The Fateful Trees of Cangaimi

11. Crack in the Wall

12. A Voice from the Sky

13. The Open door

14. Shuartica Begins to Shake

15. Evidence of the Holy Spirit

16. The Testing of Tsantiacu

17. Strengthening Jungle Churches

18. A Wild Trip with Tsantiacu

19. The Gospel Goes Farther Faster

20. Another Jungle Maryr

21. ‘Give me that Airplane’

22. A Giant Step Forward

23. Renewed Contacts with Atshuar Indians

24. Celebrating Makuma’s Fiftieth

Epilogue: Shuar + Atshuar in the Millennium 



Frank and Marie Drown were missionaries in Ecuador for thirty-seven years. During that time they saw huge changes as they reached the Indians with the Gospel.



"For anyone who enjoys adventure, this is a book to make one's blood pressure rise. For those who are interested in missions it is must reading. For young people, it is an inspiration to see how God takes people and leads them into paths they did not dream existed when they follow His call to service." - Christian Observer

"Few people know missions from the inside out the way Frank and Marie Drown do. Mission to the Headhunters captures their commitment and passion for reaching a lost world with the Gospel. The message of this book is greatly needed by today's generation." - Don Hawkins, Pastor, Author, Former Co-Host of Back to the Bible Broadcast, President of Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, Alabama

"What an incredible story of the Lord building His church... Don't miss reading about this challenge of the century!" - Dr Carl McMindes, President, Gospel Missionary Union, Kansas City, Missouri

"Frank and Marie's story is one of God-given vision and undaunted perseverance. It is an incredible story of how God used this mid-west American couple who had simply responded to his call. As a result, an unreached people has been transformed for His glory." - Dr Jean Barsness, Missions Consultant and Educator

"This book is straightforward and beautifully written. It's a page-turner. I was staggered and rebuked, helped and cheered by the steadfast faithfulness of this humble (I'm sure they would say merely ordinary) couple. Read it!" - Elisabeth Elliot, Author of Through Gates of Splendor

"We don't often discover a book which is at the same time interesting, instructive and inspiring. They tell a very true and glorious story of God working through them and their co-workers to bless and lift a needy people. All of us may profit from reading this missionary epic." - Dr Abraham C VanPerPuy, Former President of HCJB / World Radio, Quito, Ecuador