Meet Jonathan Edwards: An Introduction to America's Greatest Theologian/Philosopher (Crampton)

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Jonathan Edwards continues to fascinate readers in every new generation. More and more of his previously unpublished material is being put into print, and new biographies bring to light more of his greatness. He is just as controversial in our day as he was in his own, but more important than ever to the well-being of the church.

Even secular scholars have genuflected at the prodigiousness of Jonathan Edwards’s mind. The late Perry Miller of Harvard called him “the greatest philosopher/theologian ever to grace the American scene.”

In this new work, Dr. Gary Crampton gives an introduction to the life and ministry of Edwards, and then examines Edwards on Knowledge, on General and Special Revelation, on Scripture, on God, on Christ, and on Salvation.



Table of Contents: 

  1. Jonathan Edwards, the Man
  2. Jonathan Edwards on Knowledge
  3. Jonathan Edwards on General and Special Revelation
  4. Jonathan Edwards on Scripture
  5. Jonathan Edwards on God
  6. Jonathan Edwards on Christ
  7. Jonathan Edwards on the Christian Experience



Gray Crampton is a graduate of Randolph-Mason College and Whitefield Theological Seminary.