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Manly Dominion: In a Passive-Purple-Four-Ball World (Chanski)

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Calvary Press Publishing

In billards, the four-ball is passive; it's the one that gets knocked around by the other balls. Christian man, is that you? Are you knocked around by your environment, rather than taking you God-given assignment to lead?

Mark Chanski's book is a clarion call to all Christian men to face life's challenges with Manly Dominion. It will challenge and encourage you to lead, wherever God places you, with Spirit-filled conviction. No Christian man (or woman!) living in today's world should be without it. Read carefully, and transform your life!

Table of Contents:

Manly Dominion in Scriptural Perspective

1. Biblical Exposition

2. Sinful Misconceptions

3. Old Testament Illustrations

4. New Testament Illustrations

Manly Dominion in Vocational Laboring

5. Lifelong Laboring

6. Career Choosing

7. Vocational Training

8. Job Hunting

9. Hard Working

10. Financial Earning

Manly Dominion in Decision-making

11. Impressions

12. Providence

13. Peace

14. Wisdom #1

15. Wisdom #2

Manly Dominion in Spiritual Living

16. Personal Devotions

17. Family Devotions

18. Churchmanship

19. Conversion

Manly Dominion in Husbanding

20. Biblical Thinking

21. Assertive Talking

22. Atmosphere Setting

23. Responsibility Assuming

24. Sin Mortifying

Manly Dominion in Child Rearing

25. Our Sacred Commission

26. Our Sinful Children

27. Our Essential Confrontation

28. Our Saving Culmination

Manly Dominion in Romance Managing

29. Fatherly Giving in Marriage

30. Fatherly Evaluating in Dating

31. Fatherly Overseeing in Relationships



"Mark Chanski's book, Manly Dominion, is helpful in showing men their biblical roles in life. His greatest strength, perhaps, is in providing a wealth of useful examples. You will want to read it!" - Dr. Jay E. Adams