Luke 1-12 for You (McKinley) (NS-CL)

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Luke wrote his Gospel to offer his first readers, and his readers today, certainty over the truth of the gospel, and joy that God's promises have been fulfilled with the coming of his King.

With a close attention to the text and a focus on real-life application, Mike McKinley brings face to face with Jesus in a way that is fresh and compelling for both experienced and new readers of the first twelve chapters of Luke's Gospel.

Written for people of every age and stage, from enquirers to new believers to pastors and teachers, this flexible resource is for you:

  • Read: As a guide to this joyful Gospel, offering you confident excitement that God's kingdom is open.
  • Feed: As a daily devotional to help you grow in Christ as you read and meditate on this portion of God's word.
  • Lead: As notes to aid you in explaining, illustrating and applying Luke 1-12 as you preach or lead a Bible study.



1. Nothing is Impossible
2. He Walked in our Shoes
3. Temptation and Liberation (but also Rejection)
4. Doctor Jesus
5. Losing Friends and Influencing People
6. Great Unexpectations
7. Of Soils and Storms
8. Satisfaction, Shocks, and Self-Denial
9. At the Peak and in the Valley
10. On the Road to Jerusalem
11. Listening and Speaking
12. Woes, Worries, and the Gospel of Fear




Mike McKinley is the author of PassionDid the devil make me do it? and Church Planting is for Wimps.Since 2005 he has been pastor of Sterling Park Baptist Church in Sterling, Virginia. Before that, he served on the pastoral staff of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC, having received his MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary. Mike is married to Karen, and they have five children.