Love Oliver: The Story of a Short but Inspirational Little Life (Gill)

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Andy and Jennifer Gill from Fife in Scotland tell the story of their "gorgeous boy" Oliver who was with them for five and half months from July 10th to Christmas Day 2010. In his short life he had gathered 2400 friends on Facebook alone.

Oliver was born with a rare and an aggressive form of cancer - Congenital Rhabdoid Tumour yet he bravely faced this cancer with a gorgeous smile. For his mum and dad, family and friends this was indeed a deeply traumatic time but also it brought many blessings as so many people of all ages from across the world prayed. Not only that but Oliver made a lasting impression on people through his courage. This book follows the journey of the joys and the sorrows recognising that there is an all-powerful and loving God who is in control, even in such circumstances.

“What follows in this book are the entries of ‘Oliver’s Blog’ – a blog read by hundreds on Facebook and sent out to hundreds more on e-mail each week. It takes you through the good times, the bad times and the joys and the sorrows of Oliver’s short but inspirational little life. Chapter 1 covers weeks 1-12 of the blog. Following on are a few of our own reflections before weeks 13-24.” – From the Introduction  



"Andy and Jennifer have faced their worst nightmare. They lost their beautiful son Oliver to cancer before he was six months old. Here they open their hearts about the passion with which they fought for Oliver's life. They also speak with compelling honesty about the nightmare of losing their darling, little boy. This book communicates the wisdom, humour, courage and love with which they faced these battles. Above all this is a book about holding onto hope when our dreams are shattered. That makes it a great book". - Neil MacMillan ~ Mission Development Officer, Free Church of Scotland, Edinburgh

"I feel incredibly privileged to have been part of this journey, and trust that you will find this story immensely thought provoking, up-lifting and, indeed, truly inspirational." - Mark Brougham ~ Consultant Paediatric Oncologist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh

"Love pervades every page, the reality and comfort of knowing God's presence, grace and peace in even the most tragic circumstances of life are affirmed and the incredible faith expressed by his Christian parents in both their words and actions throughout bring honour and glory to the Lord they both love and trust." - Kevan Leckie ~ Church in Community Advisor for Tearfund Scotland

"a beautifully written, moving and thought-provoking testimony to authentic Christian commitment amidst the harsh realities of a broken world." - Andy Bathgate ~ Chief Executive, Scripture Union, Scotland.

"It was, and still is, a source of amazement at how well Andy and Jennifer managed during those difficult months. They are a testimony to the sustaining grace of God, and my hope is that others will be encouraged, helped and supported as they share 'Love Oliver'." - David Robertson ~ Pastor of St Peter's Free Church of Scotland, Dundee