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Little Faith: The Child of the Toy Stall (Walton)

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A.B. Publisher, Inc.

Little Faith is the story of a young orphan girl taken in by a Christian family. When Faith's adoptive mother dies, a grandmother moves in to help the poor, grief-stricken father care for the children. However, the grandmother is cruel and repeatedly tries to send Faith away, claiming that she does not deserve that the father is able to provide for the family.

Despite her father's love, Faith is distraught by the grandmother's constant abuse and leaves home in an attempt to find work to help support himself and her family. However, no one seems interested in hiring such a young girl with no experience.

Finally, in a church, faith discovers the help she needs. But, upon returning to the toy stall where her father works, she finds that he has disappeared. Will she ever see her father and family again? Come join little Faith on her adventure of love, trust, courage, and faith.