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Little Daisy and the Swearing Class

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Daisy's parents were thought to have died when she was a little girl, from a disaster on the high seas. And so, although gentle little Daisy now lived in an ungodly home, she had not forgotten how her parents had brought her up in the Lord. One feature of life she had never experienced in her home with her parents was foul language. 

While trying to make some income by selling flowers on a street corner, Daisy heard much awful talk from the people who passed by. One day, her tender, childlike rebuke to a man named General Forster, deeply touched his heart. He came to understand the sinfulness of taking God's name in vain. The changes in General Forster were huge! 

But could Daisy have ever imagined that one day, this changed man would adopt her as his very own daughter? What a wonderful and merciful outcome the Lord had in store for her!  

Daisy and her story will teach young and old to not break the third commandment, "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain."