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Little Aggie's Fresh Snowdrops and Little Violet

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Lamplighter Publications

On the surface, Little Aggie's Fresh Snowdrops is a story that follows some beautiful little flowers, snowdrops, through the course of a day. It records how, with their simple beauty, they change the lives they touch. However, the story has a deeper layer—a layer that accentuates a number of golden Christian traits that come to life in those who encounter the snowdrops throughout the story. While following the snowdrops from person to person, each with his or her own difficult situation, it is a short exposé on how God's own people handle such difficulties, maintain their joy, and find gratefulness to God as He brings them what they need.

Little Violet is a story of how a little girl named Violet finds her life transformed when she learns that God has created her to bring sweetness and goodness into lives, just as He has created the violets in the garden to do so. Witness the character transformation that takes place when she begins to see every situation as an opportunity sent from her Saviour instead of a coincidence.